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All the siemens plc parts we sold, 100% brand new! Coming with original packing! SIMATIC S7-200:Micro PLC for less complex automation tasks SIMATIC S7-200 applications range from replacing relays and contactors to handling less complex automation tasks in standalone mode, in networks and within distributed configurations.To save costs, the S7-200 is increasingly being employed in areas that previously required special electronics.
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The modular controllers for innovative system solutions in the manufacturing industry.The SIMATIC S7-300 has been designed for innovative system solutions with the focus on manufacturing engineering, and as a universal automation system, it represents an optimal solution for applications in centralized and distributed configurations.The product range comprises 7 Standard CPUs, 6 Compact CPUs, 6 failsafe CPUs and 2 Technology Siemens PLC CPUs. Contact us now for special price!
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SIMATIC S7-400 C Siemens PLC-The Power Controller for system solutions in the manufacturing and process industries Within the Controller family, the SIMATIC S7-400 is designed for system solutions in the manufacturing and process automation.The product range comprises 9 Standard CPUs, 2 failsafe and 2 high available CPUs.All the siemens parts we sold, 100% brand new! Coming with original packing!
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All the siemens HMI we sold, 100% brand new! Coming with original packing!SIMATIC HMI offers the full product family for machine level human machine interfaces from a single source: starting with Push Button Panels right up to powerful Multi Panels.
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SIMATIC IPC (Siemens Industrial PC)are available in various designs and with different functionalities. Whenever you need even more, our SIMATIC IPC Customization Centers convert the tried-and-tested SIMATIC PCs to individualized products and systems-tailored precisely to your specific needs. This provides you with more time for your own projects while improving your profitability and thus your competitive advantage.All the siemens IPC parts we sold, 100% brand new! Coming with original packing! IPC547C、Rack PC 547B、
Rack PC 647B、Rack PC 847B best prices. more...

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6RA70 best price from DEAO Electric!Siemens SIMOREG 6RA70 DC Drives.DC-Master is known the world over for its outstanding quality, reliability, and most of all performance.With features such as feed forward control on all of the inner control loops and a 83ns instruction time made possible by its powerful co-processor system the SIMOREG 6RA70 DC-Master stands unchallenged on its performance from every end of the globe.
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small, simple but flexible Allen-Bradley Pico controller provides a simple logic, timing, counting and real-time clock operation. To enhance performance, Pico GFX increase in the use of graphic images to provide high-level programming features: such as PID control, high-speed counter, as well as the bit sequence. Pico is the alternative to relays are ideal for applications, suitable for simple control applications, such as buildings, HVAC, parking lot lighting as well as some very strict requirements on the cost of the occasion. Controller easy-to-use Pico. All programming and data adjustments can be adopted by the panel keyboard and
display to complete, or the use of Allen-Bradleys PicoSoft and PicoSoft Pro configuration software to complete.

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The ControlLogix system provides discrete, drives, motion, process, and safety control together with communication and state-of-the-art I/O in a small, cost-competitive package. The system is modular, so you can design, build, and modify it efficiently - with significant savings in training and engineering.
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MicroLogix family of products offer three different levels of programmable controllers, namely:MicroLogix1000, MicroLogix1200, MicroLogix1500. MicroLogix1000 compact, full-featured, is an ideal choice for small-scale control systems; MicroLogix1200 be able to space-constrained environment, to provide users with powerful control functions to meet the needs of different application projects; MicroLogix1500 is not only functional, but also the needs of the project depending on the application for flexible expansion for applications that require high control system.
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